Excision of the coccyx



Painful coccyx, also known as coccydynia


Special preparation for surgery

You will be advised when to stop blood thinning medications including aspirin, warfarin, clopiidogrel. HRT and oral contraceptives will need to be stopped before surgery and we will advise how and when to do this. Please tell us if you are taking any herbal remedies as it may be necessary to stop some of these.


Admission to hospital

On the day of operation


General Anaesthetic



Operative position

Prone ( front down)


Details of operation

An incision of 3-4 cm is made over the coccyx. The muscles and ligaments are gently elevated from the bone enabling the removal of the coccyx. The cavity is then closed with deep sutures and the skin or closed with further sutures.


Length of Surgery

I hour


Urinary Catheter Requited



Post operative Drain



Post Operative intravenous Fluids ( drip)



DVT prophylaxis

Aspirin after surgery



within 12 hours


Length of stay in hospital

1 day


Post hospital recovery

2 weeks resting while wound heals, keeping the area sealed under a dressing. Avoid any pressure on the wound area for 4-6 weeks.


Sutures removed

10 days in clinic



Dissolvable glue dressing, steristrips, gauze, elastic waterproof dressing.


Review Appointment

2 weeks wound check



Not usually


Return to driving

2-4 weeks


Return to work

3-6 weeks delending on nature of work