Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is back pain which has been present for over 3 months duration.

Patients with chronic back pain should usually have been assessed by a GP who may refer them to a therapist.

If the therapy initially tried is not improving their symptoms they may seek advice from another therapist or try a different type of therapy.

It is not recommended to continue therapy if it is worsening the symptoms or if symptoms have not improved after 2-4 weeks of treatment.

If the level of symptoms, although chronic, are manageable to the patient then no further action may be required.

However, if the symptoms are preventing normal activities or work then the next stage would be to seek consultation with a spinal specialist consultant.

The spinal specialist will aim to make an accurate diagnosis of the source of your pain.

This will enable you to discuss with the consultant the treatment options and long term out look for your condition.